Creor Group is a marketing consulting practice with web, design, and PR partners. Together, we form a virtual agency that stands ready to assist you with marketing research, processes, strategies, planning, and implementation.

We believe that great marketing starts with a sound plan and process and is implemented by talented people with meticulous project management.

Our total solution lays the foundation upon which marketing success is built.

Creor Group unites an effective marketing methodology, product launch system, process enhancement workshops, and organizational development with a network of web-, design-, and PR partners to maximize the effectiveness of business marketing programs. Our tools, methods, and processes enable business leaders to architect repeatable marketing success and achieve higher marketing ROI.

Using Creor Group's Optrian™ Marketing Method, we help companies define winning marketing and campaign strategies.

Product Passport™ is Creor Group's closed-loop product and campaign launch process that grants entry to the market by articulating positioning, messaging, and brand identity, and formulating an integrated marcom plan.

The Creor Group Associates are a network of talented marketing communications specialists that use the Optrian-based Product Passport integrated marcom plans to develop appropriate tools used in product or campaign launches.

Effective marketing includes preparing the sales channel with tools and training, then measuring success and improving processes based on continuous feedback and experiences. Creor Group's marketing, sales, and product delivery workshops enable organization and process improvement for greater results.

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