Creor Group conducts marketing workshops and seminars to enhance your individual skills and those of your organization. Workshop formats vary, are customizable, and are generally conducted at your site.

Current Creor Group marketing and product launch workshops include:

Taking the Risk Out of Product Delivery Workshop
A full day workshop conducted with Stephen Rowe of Stephen Rowe & Associates to help you recognize pitfalls in your product delivery process, identify causes/effects, and develop possible solutions.

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Optrian™ Marketing Program Audit
This program assesses your current marketing strategies, plans, collateral, and website to determine how you might achieve better results using the Optrian™ marketing method.

G.R.E.A.T.E.R. Marketing Success Boot Camp
This marketing boot camp conducted with Michael Johnson of Michael Johnson Sales Solutions is designed to help businesses bootstrap a marketing and sales team, level up skills, and prepare for greater marketing success using the Optrian™ marketing method and Product Passport™ product launch process.

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